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A Journey to Semi Realistic Game Art

I’ve been very comfortable working in the Stylized environment. In fact, I think I’ve been doing that for a really really long time. Time come to me and make me realize that I have to somehow get out from my safe zone. I’ve watched a lot of new talented artists come out with a lot […]

Get Re-Acquainted with Unity and Adventure Creator

My recent venture in doing 3D game assets have changed my whole perspective. I am now pushing myself to learn more about unity and its gimmicks. Although i know for sure that i’m terrible at coding, i finally manage to buy this plugin called Adventure Creator from the unity asset store. And still, the whole […]

Self Portrait, The Process

For this year, finally I come up with something that I think it cant represent me. Thats what im doing usially. Drawing a digital version of me to represent all my mood and favourite style. This year, my very inspiration comes from the medieval woodcut drawing / engraving, pioneered by great medieval artist both unnamed […]

Viking’s Life Project

These are my personal daily challenge of at least 1 drawing to do each day, that i have to fulfill for a whole week. The goal is to improve myself in new technique and diversity of style. The Theme is to draw everything available in medieval Viking life, from A to Z as much as […]