A Journey to Semi Realistic Game Art

I’ve been very comfortable working in the Stylized environment. In fact, I think I’ve been doing that for a really really long time. Time come to me and make me realize that I have to somehow get out from my safe zone. I’ve watched a lot of new talented artists come out with a lot of awesome results and heck, I want to be a part of that! I want to be able to create something like that.

I played a game called For Honor, and I’ve been a big fan of that game since the release of it, the environment design, the textures, the result is just beautiful! at least for me. So in light of that, I want to spare some free time every day to start developing assets for a very tiny diorama/scene that dedicate everything to semi-realistic PBR texturing combined with an as low polygon as I can get with the modeling.

And so, my journey begins!

within this post, I’m going to include what I’ve been done to start the journey, and I will hopefully be able to post some updates for my next processes.

Result #1