Thrive : Project (Early Alpha)


Finally, able to post the WIP progress on the title i’m working on!

Thrive : Project

You will be given a right to control 1 Subject.

This subject survival are depends on how you help him Interact with the surroundings, to combine things, build tools and do whatever you need to do to survive!

His very live is in your hand, you’re the one with control and decisions! so make it right, and make it counts!



Very Early Access / Alpha Build

Please keep in mind that this is just a very very early alpha builds that i’m going to release and update, this is very far from finished, the game will need a lot of touch from here and there.

So why don’t you chip in some ideas? send in some suggestions for features and stuffs that I should add to the game? maybe together, we can work on something nice!

Follow and Download the working Alpha demo here!

A New Avatar for the New Me !

Have lost all my Dreadlocks and now go with a more cleaner and slicker Dapper Look !

Feels like to update all of my appearance across the Interwebs..

Hehe.. Sorry for the junk!

Scene Sketch

Having this mood to work on a scene, its far from finished, but yeah, I think that this TV studio background can be developed into some simple story, don’t you think?

Lazy Walk Talk and Idle Cycle

Tonight I’m just playing around with a quick character sketch. Maybe later I will tweak this guy again to use him on my next short title.

This just a 4 frame animation timed carefully to get the desired result. And the result, well to be honest I’m quite satisfied with it. (As lazy as i can get)

So, here you go, the infamous (lazy) 4 frame cycles!

Another Sketch.

I’m having this dilemma, should i work with pixel art style with this sketch? or should i embrace the 90′s and go with the strong edged cartoony style.

Life goes on!

Blasphema : A Mike Mignola Style . Case Study Project

Art by : Ahmad Priabudiman . 2015

Thought via Path

Now instead of talking about people’s fault and their wrong attitude and actions, have you try to look at your self lately?

Stop blaming people and try to do positive things for yourself and others!

This goes for all of you! Including those people who got blamed and cursed upon!

~ Jah Bless!

#betterindonesia #dontblamecampaign – Read on Path.

Project : Thrive 
Point and Click Adventure Game

I’m happy to announce that It’s another title in progress! Progress will be updated in my twitter priabudiman and here at my tumblr!

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