There.. It’s Walking! and Interacting! 


The First Room . Hugo’s Apartment . WIP

Still got a lot of things to add on the background, somewhat the feels are still empty. Any suggestions?

Too tired to think now, I’m heading to bed.

Thick as Thieves..

Thats literal for the henchmen of the Brotherhood of Raa . 24/7 Ready to do the dirty bidding of their master.

Type : Henchmen
Affiliation : Brotherhood of Raa

2015 . Greenback (Remake)

This is Sylvia Sash.

An American Journalist who constantly broke Greenback’s heart. They always meet accidentally or not in every Adventure.

Fate? or not.. who knows?

Finally have time to remake this classic piece, its been dead for too long. Now I’m trying to rework on it with a new approach, more simpler graphics, harder push on the story line.

Hope it’ll works!

Fighting the Artifact Smugglers out of Venice..

Done this when im idle waiting for the queue.. Worth the wait!

Basic Animations of Hugo Greenback

Player character animations for a current Classic point and click adventure game development in progress.

Project : Greenback (Remake 2015)
Developer : @apriabudiman

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