This is Sylvia Sash.

An American Journalist who constantly broke Greenback’s heart. They always meet accidentally or not in every Adventure.

Fate? or not.. who knows?

Finally have time to remake this classic piece, its been dead for too long. Now I’m trying to rework on it with a new approach, more simpler graphics, harder push on the story line.

Hope it’ll works!

Fighting the Artifact Smugglers out of Venice..

Done this when im idle waiting for the queue.. Worth the wait!

Basic Animations of Hugo Greenback

Player character animations for a current Classic point and click adventure game development in progress.

Project : Greenback (Remake 2015)
Developer : @apriabudiman

Unused (Yet) Room Render for 2D Adventure Game

Was working on this room shot for a classic point and click adventure game. Planning to reuse it in the future.. (hopefully)

Thrive : Project (Early Alpha)


Finally, able to post the WIP progress on the title i’m working on!

Thrive : Project

You will be given a right to control 1 Subject.

This subject survival are depends on how you help him Interact with the surroundings, to combine things, build tools and do whatever you need to do to survive!

His very live is in your hand, you’re the one with control and decisions! so make it right, and make it counts!



Very Early Access / Alpha Build

Please keep in mind that this is just a very very early alpha builds that i’m going to release and update, this is very far from finished, the game will need a lot of touch from here and there.

So why don’t you chip in some ideas? send in some suggestions for features and stuffs that I should add to the game? maybe together, we can work on something nice!

Follow and Download the working Alpha demo here!

A New Avatar for the New Me !

Have lost all my Dreadlocks and now go with a more cleaner and slicker Dapper Look !

Feels like to update all of my appearance across the Interwebs..

Hehe.. Sorry for the junk!

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