5 Tips on Designing An Original Character


My name is Ahmad Priabudiman, and im a professional visual development artist / illustrator that work mostly in character design /concept for video games production.

I want to share 5 useful tips that you should try to do before you start working on your original characters. Hopefully, these simple steps can help you on your designing process as they have helped me so far.

1. Observe
Your surroundings is your friend, have a lot of visual networkings can helps you with your vocabulary of characteristic to learn.

2. Good Stereotypes
Believe it or not, but Not all stereotypes is bad, if you see through the bright side, you can definitely use them to spice up some characteristic.

3. Functionality
Good characters are not only visually beautiful and good to look at, but every single things that you think and design on the character should be at least functional. Leave no rooms for visual wastes.

4. Informative
The main point from all of your ideas are to be able to communicate with your viewers, the people that eventually will have to see that you have made. So see to it that you can send your message clearly to them.

5. Fluid
Fluidity is the most important part on creating an original character. Don’t hold back, you already started so make sure that you finish your work with a “bang”. Keep those ideas flowing when you start working on your character until it reached the point of satisfaction.

It was not much, but I find that when we really focusing on developing some new and interesting idea of an original characters, at least we should know them ourselves first before finally letting them go to the real world to be “consumed”.

All the best for you, and thank you so much for reading.

Salam, and Peace.
A . Priabudiman

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